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Earth Prayers Casting Symbol Stage 1

Earth Prayers is one of the secondary attributes of the Dervish profession.

Guild Wars Description[]

No inherent effect. Many Dervish Spells, especially those dealing with defense or Earth damage, become more effective with higher Earth Prayers.

The damage and effectiveness of linked skills increases with attribute rank in Earth Prayers.

General Description[]

Earth Prayers Casting Symbol Stage 2

Earth Prayers only determines the effectiveness of skills linked to its attribute.

Skills linked to this attribute commonly give armor, heal allies, increase damage given, or inflict conditions on foes.

Earth Prayers skills are useful for crippling foes in combat, as the Dervish is mainly fighting melee, and thus has to be close to the foe at all times. Other conditions help put pressure on foes.

Many Earth Prayers skills, like other Dervish attributes, are somewhat affected by how many enchantments the caster has active on them.


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