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Earth Staff
Earth Staff Crystallized.jpg
Earth Staff Core.jpg
Earth Staff Canthan.jpg
Earth Staff Obsidian.jpg
Earth Staff Elonian.jpg
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s): Earth Magic
Damage type(s): Earth damage
PvP reward type: Basic, Exotic (Obsidian skin)
Common: Granite Slabs
Wood Planks
Iron Ingots
Piles of Glittering Dust
Rare: Steel Ingots


There are five common types of earth staves.

  • The first type, is a long solid piece of crystal. Earth Staff (Crystallized)
  • The second type, introduced in the Thursday March 9th update bears a strong resemblance to the Earth Wand, with a crystal head and a dark shaft. Earth Staff (Core)
  • The third type, mainly found in Cantha and the Charr Homeland, is metallic with a flat hexagonal head which appears to have a fossil embedded in it. Earth Staff (Canthan)
  • The fourth type is somewhat rarer, and is referred to by some players as an 'Obsidian Earth Staff' or 'Orrian Earth Staff'. It is a long and thin staff with yellow spiral patterns on it, with an obsidian stone attached to the bottom, and one floating on the head with a constant faint glow. Earth Staff (Obsidian)
  • The fifth type is normally referred to as the Elonian Earth Staff, as it is commonly found in Elona, and features a small stone head on the end of the staff, with a larger stone hovering above and surrounded by pebbles (despite its look, the staff head is not animated). Earth Staff (Elonian)

The obsidian version of this item can be found in some advanced areas like the Fissure of Woe, Underworld, Southern Shiverpeaks, Realm of Torment, Ring of Fire Islands, and reward chests from GW:EN Dungeon Crawls. But, it has also been known to drop from undead in Kryta, and in places in and around Ascalon (Pre-Searing Ascalon and Post-Searing). It has also been reported to drop in explorable areas of Kaineng City in Cantha and in the Crystal Desert of Tyria.


Crystallized Earth Staff[]

  • Selected Prophecies campaign collectors
  • Monsters
    • Tyria
      • ... to be added ...

Core Earth Staff[]

Obsidian / Orrian Earth Staff[]


Canthan Earth Staff[]

Elonian Earth Staff[]



  • The Obsidian Earth Staff cannot be dyed.
  • The Crystal Earth Staff can be dyed but will have no noticeable effect on the icon or the 3D art.
  • The Elona skin (last staff in picture) staff only dyes on the stick part, and dyes a darker shade than the dye color itself. Its default color is yellow.
  • The Canthan version can be dyed. Only a small part behind the staffhead changes its color.