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Path from Kodonur Crossroads

  1. Speak to Zhed Shadowhoof.
  2. Eavesdrop on the Kournan captains and collect information on Kormir.
  3. See Lonai for your reward.

Obtained from

Dunkoro in Command Post.


Kodonur Crossroads (mission)



"We need to collect information before we make any moves, else we risk discovery. Venture out and see what you can stir up. Talk to that Centaur for starters. Once we've prepared ourselves, we can plot our next objective. Can you handle it?"
Accept: "Sounds like a plan, Dunkoro"
Reject: "Sounds like a lot of effort, with no guarantee it would work."

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Zhed Shadowhoof)

"Ha! So, Dunkoro wants information? Ever heard that saying about teaching a two-leg to fish? Rather than give you what you need, I will tell you how to get it."
"The Kournans are loud, garrulous folk. The key to extracting intelligence from their kind is to stay within earshot, but out of sight. The guards jabber away as they make their rounds through Jahai Bluffs. Follow them closely, but don't reveal your presence."

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (Kournan Captains)

Koss: "Let's go get'em! What are we waitin'around here for!?!?"
Dunkoro: "Quiet! Just wait right here. Let them talk."
Ronkhet: "Have you seen that thing."
Nundho: "What? Bayel's new...uh...advisor?"
Ronkhet: "You could call it that, I guess. Have you noticed more and more missing recruits? Something isn't right..."
Nundho: "Quit imagining things. I just got back from Gandara, and I've seen nothing wrong. Had to escort some pirate rat and the captured leader of the Sunspears to Bokoss Prison. My feet are killing me from the hike."
Ronkhet: "Leader of the Sunspears? You mean Kormir? She's tough. I heard she single-handedly fought an entire fleet of corsairs!"
Nundho: "That's ridiculous! Have you been scared stupid by war, soldier? Tough or not, the only thing this Kormir is good for is wormfood."
Nundho: "You know how General Bayel likes his executions..."
Dunkoro: "Back to the base!"

Reward Dialogue

"Kormir is alive? Praise the gods! Still, Bokoss Prison is a hard nut to crack. It's withstood sieges, assaults, and fire over the centuries. We'll need a plan to free her. We have to consult with Dunkoro; I'm sure he'll come up with a solid plan."


A simple quest that can be completed by just talking to Zhed Shadowhoof in Command Post and then heading out to the quest marker in Jahai Bluffs (best exit is Kodonur Crossroads). Just stay out of aggro and wait for the dialogue between the Kournan soldiers to finish. After the dialogue is complete, three groups of Kournan troops will move out from the garrison towards your location and attack you if you do not quickly zone out.


  • If you are partied with someone who does not have or has not completed Centaur Blackmail, Zhed will not be in the Command Post.