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  1. Complete the quest "A Good Deed".
  2. Speak with Gwen in the Hall of Monuments.
  3. Assist Keiran with his ill-fated plan to win Gwen's affection.
  4. Return to the Hall of Monuments.
  5. Witness the pact between the Shining Blade and the Vanguard in the Ice Cliff Chasms.
  6. Finish enlisting the aid of the Asura. (Asuran Allies)
  7. See Princess Salma for your reward.

Obtained from[]

Murro in Lion's Arch


This quest offers no reward. However, it's needed to progress in The War in Kryta.


Gain the Ebon Vanguard's aid to battle the White Mantle.

Intermediate Dialogue 1[]

Lieutenant Thackeray: "Happy Birthday, Gwen!"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Are you ready for our picnic - excuse me, our "off-duty outdoor meal?""
Gwen: "Oh! Oh, uh... that's today?"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "It is your birthday, my lady, so... yes. Look, I got you a ridiculously huge flower!"
Gwen: "I can't. There are fresh reports of charr raids in the Norrhart Domains. I need to coordinate with Captain Langmar -"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Gwen. For once, let somebody else carry the burden. It's only one afternoon. The world will not end if you aren't here."
Gwen: "Easy for you to say. I'm sorry, Keiran, I can't go with you."
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Can't? Or won't?"
Gwen: "I have my duties."
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Spare me. You hide your pain behind duty and service."
Gwen: "Mind yourself, Lieutenant. You go too far..."
Lieutenant Thackeray: "You think you're the only one who has suffered? The only one who has lost family and friends to the charr? Every time you refuse to live your own life, you let them win. Why can't you see that?"
Gwen: "I don't need to be lectured by YOU of all people! You have no idea what I've been through - the sacrifices I've made!"
Gwen: "I'm a soldier of Ascalon! I don't have time for your foolish games, or your ridiculously huge flower, or your stupid, stupid picnic -"
Gwen: "- and I don't have time for YOU!"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Maybe I was wrong about you, Gwen. You survived the charr... but I think something in you died a long time ago."

Intermediate Dialogue 2[]

Evennia: "Hail Langmar, Captain of the Ebon Vanguard!"
Captain Langmar: "Evennia of the Shining Blade. What brings you to the Eye of the North, so far from your warm, sandy Kryta?"
Evennia: "I won't waste time beating around the bush. I've come to ask for your help."
Evennia: "The white Mantle's numbers may have dwindled, but they make up for it with increased brutality, while Princess Salma's support among the people grows ever stronger."
Evennia: "But now, the Mantle have taken to hiring thugs from the outlands and beyond to terrorize us, all done with the flimsy excuse of keeping order and peace. Each day brings new indignity and suffering to my people."
Evennia: "The Shining Blade and Ebon Vanguard have enjoyed a fruitful friendship before; please, Kryta beseeches you, aid us!"
Gwen: "The charr keep our hands full, Krytan. You think we'll abandon all that we've bled for and march down to Kryta, just to bail you out?"
Evennia: "The only thinkg I expect girl, is that the Vanguard would express gratitude after Kryta took in so many Ascalonian refugees!"
Captain Langmar: "Gwen has a valid point, Evennia. Ascalon needs the Vanguard here in the Shiverpeaks. However, we have no love for the White Mantle... should we agree, what is Princess Salma prepared to do for Ascalon?"
Evennia: "Princess Salma has authorized me to reciprocate your offer. Should Ascalon's troops join us in taking back our country from these tyrants, then Kryta will assist in driving the charr from your lands for good."
Captain Langmar: "Very Well. I accep on behalf of the Ebon Vanguard, but we're not done. King Adelbern must also approve."
Evennia: "Kryta is drowning! She needs your help now, not after months of dithering with Adelbern. You know he distrusts all things Krytan! I was hoping you would be more reasonable."
Captain Langmar: "Ascalon can no longer afford to pick and shoose her allies as the charr continue devastating all we hold dear. Remind King Adelbern of our need for allies in the coming conflicts, and he will do the right thing."
Evennia: "Please, I implore you, do not force such a delay. Is there no way I could convince you to help us sooner?"
Captain Langmar: "I could, perhaps, send a single elite Ebon Vanguard unit to train your peasants to fight and conduct critical missions throughout the region while you garner the King's blessing for a larger force."
Evennia: "I'm still skeptical, but if that's the nature of your support, so be it. These "elite" better be good..."
Evennia: "If you supply me with rations for the trip, I could leave immediately for Ascalon City and gain audiance with King Adelbern. Princess Salma plans to retake control of Lion's Arch within the fortnight. I hope your men cfan be there by then."
Captain Langmar: "More than enough time to prepare and the travel is instant by the Asura Gate."
Captain Langmar: "Well, that's settled. Now, who's going to assist the Krytans against the white mantle?"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "I'll go."
Gwen: "WHAT?! Captain, please, I really must insist that this is a bad idea."
Lieutenant Thackeray: "The Ebon Falcons will go to Kryta. We can train the Shining Blade recruits on hit-and-run tactics, ambush techniques, tracking... tricks that we've picked up fighting the charr over the years."
Gwen: "Captain, surely we need Keir- uh, Lieutenant Thackeray here in the Shiverpeaks. His unit is the cornerstone of our operation!"
Captain Langmar: "Are you sure about this, Lieutenant?"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Absolutely. I wouldn't mind a little sun. Besides... there's nothing to keep me here. It's been quieter lately and I'm a soldier. I go where the fight is."
Gwen: "The fight is here! The Ebon Falcons are needed here! Why not send Weststar, or Nye's unit?"
Captain Langmar: "You are right Gwen, they are our most successful.... and I promised Evennia our elite. We can afford to pull a single company from patrol rotation, even if it is the Ebon Falcons."
Gwen: "Captain Langmar, I must protest. If you're not going to trust my judgment on these matters -"
Captain Langmar: "On the contrary, Gwen. I trust your judgment implicitly, which is why I'm leaving you here in command of the Vanguard while I travel to Kryta with Lieutenant Thackeray's men."
Gwen: "Wh-what?! But..."
Captain Langmar: "I'm the best at training people with no military background and the Falcons would be far more valuable conducting special operations than training peasants."
Captain Langmar: "Besides, I want Salma to see that I am serious about this alliance. Take good care of my Vanguard while I'm gone, Gwen. You know what to do."
Gwen: "Lieutenant... Keiran..."
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Yes? Something you want to say to me, Gwen?"
Gwen: "Uhh... no. No."
Lieutenant Thackeray: "I didn't think so. Goodbye, Gwen."

Intermediate Dialogue 3[]

Captain Langmar: "Captain Langmar and Lieutenant Thackeray, at your service."
Princess Salma: "Welcome to Kryta, dear friends. We are overjoyed with the Ebon Vanguard's assistance. Was it just the two fo you then?"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "My unit waits outside, eager to find action."
Councilor Vaylor: "Ascalon sends a single unit and calls that aid? Where is Evennia? Obviously she failed to clarify Kryta's needs, your Highness."
Captain Langmar: "Ascalon has sent no one, yet. As I told Evennia, it is not the Ebon Vanguard's place to formalize such an alliance. She now travels to Ascalon to seek audiance with King Adelbern. He decides where to send Ascalon's troops."
Princess Salma: "And yet here you are, Captain. Aren't you and your men Ascalon's troops?"
Captain Langmar: "Correct, Highness! We are on leave."
Captain Langmar: "In conflicts such as these, speed is paramount. We are here as consultants to give Ascalon enough time to carefully consider her involvement."
Captain Langmar: "I have faith that Evennia's strong persuasive skills and the promise for support in our war against the charr will sway King Adelbern's mind in Kryta's favor."
Captain Langmar: "Until Ascalon joins you in full force, you have our knowledge at your disposal."
Princess Salma: "I see. Then we accept your council for now, but hope King Adelbern doesn't take too long to commit to alliance. Kryta will need more than this to win the war against her oppressors."
Captain Langmar: "I share the sentiment, Highness. I'd hate to place my faith in error. Just being here is a risk"
Princess Salma: "I understand completely, Captain. Kryta thanks you for any assistance you might give her."

Reward Dialogue[]

Ascalon has long been wary of Kryta. With the help of the Ebon Vanguard, perhaps we can not only defeat the White Mantle, but also quell the distrust between our two nations.


Go to the Hall of Monuments, watch the dialogue, then step outside the Eye of the North (outpost) to speak with Keiran where you obtain the quest A Good Deed. Finish the quest.

Again travel to the Hall of Monuments and listen to a dialogue.

Fulfill Keiran's plan as noted below and return to the Hall of Monuments.

Go to the Ice Cliff Chasms for the last time.

If you did not finish Asuran Allies before this quest, finish it now. Pick your reward at Salma in the Lion's Arch Keep.

Keiran's plan[]

To set up the perfect dinner for Gwen, Keiran is looking for perfect items. He wants "half a dozen candles", "sweets", "drinks" and an "exotic meal".

There's always a perfect item for each category and some alternative items. To finish this part of the quest you need to hand over either each perfect item or three alternative items per category.

These are the perfect items (and some alternatives in brackets) for sweets, drinks and the exotic meal:

Sweets: Birthday Cupcake (Crème Brûlée, Red Bean Cake)
Drinks: Hard Apple Cider (Bottle of Vabbian Wine, Hunter's Ale)
Meals: Drake Kabob (Pahnai Salad, Truffle)

There's no alternative for the six candles. They can be received from Necromancer Munne in exchange for three Honeycombs at Sardelac Sanitarium.