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Skill details
Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support
Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Profession None
Attribute Ebon Vanguard Title Track
Type Spell
    10 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 15 Recharge.png

Full: Target foe is struck for 54...90 piercing damage and begins Bleeding for 5...25 seconds. This attack has a 10% chance of doing an additional 540...900 piercing damage. If this attack hits a Charr it has a 25% chance of doing an additional 540...900 piercing damage.

Concise: Deals 54...90 piercing damage and inflicts Bleeding condition (5...25 seconds). 10% chance of +540...900 piercing damage. 25% chance of +540...900 piercing damage if target foe is a Charr.

Ebon Vanguard Title Track 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Piercing damage 54 61 68 76 83 90 90 90 90 90 90
+Piercing damage 540 612 684 756 828 900 900 900 900 900 900
Bleeding 5 9 13 17 21 25 25 25 25 25 25


Skill quests:


  • This spell is unique in that it causes direct physical damage.
  • This has some projectile spell behavior as sometimes mobs will kite it, yet it can be used without line of sight.
  • Both effects may trigger when used against Charr, causing well over 1000 damage.
  • This spell can be rendered highly effective when used with quick recharge skills such as Oath Shot.


  • When you get a "headshot," a random message appears in the chat window. These messages include:
    • "Snap! Headshot!" which is likely a reference to the FPS catchphrase "BOOM HEADSHOT!".
    • "One arrow one kill." which is likely a reference to the sniper phrase "One shot, one kill".
    • "I am a stone. I do not move. I do not tremble. I have no fear." which refers to the movie Enemy at the Gates.
    • "Balthazar bless my strength, teach my hands to war, and my fingers to fight." is similar to a passage from the Bible used in Saving Private Ryan.
  • The "arrows" from Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support always fly in from the south.

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