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The Ebon Vanguard Title Track is one of the title-tracks introduced in Guild Wars Eye of the North.

Ebon Vanguard title track[]

Rank Title Vanguard reputation points Notes
1 Agent 1,000 Required for Rebel Yell
2 Covert Agent 4,000  
3 Stealth Agent 8,000 Required for crafting Ebon Vanguard Consumables (Edwin)
4 Mysterious Agent 16,000 Required for crafting Charrslayer weapons (Jonathan Blunt)
5 Shadow Agent 26,000 Required for crafting Monument armor (Brett)
6 Underground Agent 40,000  
7 Special Agent 56,000  
8 Valued Agent 80,000 Normal mode Hero's Handbook and Master Dungeon Guide can no longer be turned in

Vanguard Patrol is replaced by Veteran Vanguard Patrol in Normal mode

9 Superior Agent 110,000  
10 Secret Agent 160,000 Vanguard Patrol is replaced by Veteran Vanguard Patrol in Hard mode

Earning Vanguard reputation points[]

You can earn Vanguard reputation points in the following ways:

Using a Siege Devourer to clear Dalada Uplands or Sacnoth Valley is a relatively easy way to farm points while under this blessing.
  • A player can easily get up to 3k Ebon Vanguard Reputation Points after clearing Dalada Uplands (Takes about 1 hour) and collecting bonus points from Scouts located near Resurrection Shrines.
  • Clearing Sacnoth Valley takes 50-80 min and ~4500 points can be gained (including bonuses from the shrines) per run. It's recommended to clear the Charr temple last (300 points per boss then, 4 bosses there).
  • After getting Valued Agent (8), Vanguard Patrol is no longer available in Normal mode. Instead, you will get the Veteran Vanguard Patrol.
  • Keep in mind that a boss gives more points after defeating a lot of creatures. After collecting over 250 kills in Dalada Uplands you will receive up to 300 points for killing each boss, which will get you 1000-1200 points from the bosses only.
  • During Wintersday Casey Carpenter offers the quest Snowball Dominance. This repeatable quest can give between 10000-12000 points per hour if completed quickly.

Title benefits[]

Rebel Yell[]

Displaying the title (after obtaining rank 1 and talking to the Gedrel of Ascalon at the Eye of the North) grants you a status effect:

Effect details
Rebel Yell
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Title effect
Title: Ebon Vanguard Title Track

You have +5...10 armor against damage from Charr. You gain 25...100% more adrenaline when you hit a Charr. You gain 2 energy when you kill a Charr.

Ebon Vanguard rank 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
+Armor 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 10 10 10 10
+% Adrenaline 25 40 55 70 85 100 100 100 100 100 100

Ebon Vanguard skills[]

These 12 skills have effects that are linked to your rank in the Ebon Vanguard title track. They are earned as rewards for completing certain quests given by Ebon Vanguard NPCs.

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