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Echovald Forest
Echovald Forest.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Region
Part of: Cantha
Kaineng City, Jade Sea
Echovald Forest Map
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Echovald Forest (also known as the Petrified Forest) is the home of the Kurzicks on Cantha. After the Jade Wind swept through the region, this forest became petrified, as did all its inhabitants. Slowly, though, life has returned to this desolate place. Though all the trees are turned to stone, grass and small plants have sprouted again.

Towns and Outposts[]

Mission Locations[]

Explorable Areas[]


  • "Echovald Forest" is a tautology because "wald" (pronounced "vald") is the German word for "forest". In the German translation, this region is simply known as "Echowald."
  • According to the quest dialogue for Song and Stone, at least some of the petrified trees in the Echovald Forest are still alive, as are at least some of the Kurzick buildings carved from their petrified wood.