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An effect is anything that shows up in the Effects Monitor. While this broad definition covers such standard equippable skill types as Enchantment Spells and Stances, the term usually applies only to those effects that are not equippable skills.


Effects can be divided into a number of categories based on their source and/or function:

Effects (category)
Anything that doesn't fit into the other categories.
Blessings (category)
Generally obtained from Avatars of the Gods for a small payment of gold.
Bounties (category)
Obtained from various NPCs at resurrection shrines for free.
Bounty bonus effects (category)
Earned for killing a certain number of monsters while under a bounty.
Bundle effects (category)
Applied to creatures either holding or within a certain range of a bundle item.
Conditions (category)
Negative effects, can be applied by many skills or as a result of an environmental effect.
Consumable effects (category)
Granted to a character for using a consumable item.
Disguises (category)
Change a character's appearance, usually mission- or quest-specific.
Environment Effects (category)
Caused by specific terrain, sometimes covers an entire instance.
Object effects (category)
Emitted by targetable objects.
Title effects (category)
Granted to a character by displaying certain titles.


  • Most effects cannot be removed through normal means. This means that unless an effect has a specific duration, it will last until the character leaves the instance.