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:[[Flames of the Bear Spirit]]
:[[Flames of the Bear Spirit]]
[[Category:Jaga Moraine]] [[Category:Lore]]
[[Category:Jaga Moraine]] [[Category:Landmarks]]
[[de:Egils Heim]]

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Egil's Perch is the home of Egil Fireteller. It is located near the center of Jaga Moraine, near the areas where Frost Wurms can be found.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Paragon 20 Egil Fireteller


Warrior 20 Danira

Norn Hunting Party

Warrior 20 Eystin


NA-icon-small.png Jar of Healing Salve (x4)
NA-icon-small.png Egil's Perch Signpost

Quests Involved[edit | edit source]

Northern Allies
Flames of the Bear Spirit