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Elder Rhea
Elder Rhea.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 20


Elder Rhea is a Luxon elder of the Turtle Clan. She is also a member of the Council of Elders. She offers many quests in Cavalon and provides for the briefing for the Boreas Seabed mission.

Quests Given[]

Quests Involved In[]



In Boreas Seabed:

"I see you are ready to join in on the Convocation. Not many outsiders are permitted to participate you know; you should consider yourself quick lucky. [sic]
Can I answer any questions for you?"

What has led me to join in on the Convocation?

"You, Danika, and Mhenlo recovered the Urn of Saint Viktor, one of the two vital instruments crucial for victory over Shiro. Now it is time to obtain the Spear of Archemorus from my people. To do so, you must join in on the Convocation and defeat our greatest Clan champions in battle."

Tell me more about the Convocation.

"The Convocation happens once a year. It is during this time that the three clans fight one another for possession of the spear and the honor of fighting the giant kraken Zu Hanuku. [sic] Togo convinced me to allow you a seat in the competition against the Luxon champions."

I want to prepare for the impending fight. What advice do you have?

"1. The Turtle Clan will use the elements against you. Interrupt their attacks or outfit yourself with elemental armor for protection.
2. The Crab Clan uses Spirits in battle. Rid the battlefield of Spirits before you are overpowered. Interruptions work well against Spirits.
3. Members of the Serpent Clan are attuned with the animals of this region. Defeating pets is relatively easy due to their low armor rating, but remember to protect allies fighting them directly as they'll be absorbing the brunt of the damage.
4. The Spear of Archemorus "charges up" with the deaths of your enemies. When it is time to unleash its destructive power, drop it in the vicinity of your foes to inflict maximum damage."

In Cavalon:

"Strength is the only virtue the gods truly respect. Our enemies, the Kurzicks, think to impress the gods with their elaborate architecture and all that horrid singing...but the gods will no be fooled."

When spoken to in the Divine Path:

"Wisdom is lost on the young. All the champions speak of is immediately declaring war on the Kurzicks. Such nonsense. We need to gather our strength, lull them into a false sense of security, and then strike!"