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From Sardelac Sanitarium to Shalev's cave


  1. Seek out Shalev the Hermit.

Obtained from

Elementalist Aziure in Old Ascalon (just outside Ascalon City in Ambassador Zain's camp)


Profession: Elementalist
Prophecies Character


  • 250 XP
  • Skills
Elementalist Armor of Earth
Elementalist Frozen Burst


"You seek knowledge of the elements? I fear your own learning has outstripped my ability to aid you. Still, there may be a way for you to obtain the knowledge you seek. One of the most knowledgeable of our number, a man named Shalev, has forsaken all human contact. He resides now as a hermit in what used to be Green Hills County. Seek out the cave of Shalev. He can grant you the knowledge you seek."
Accept: "I will seek him out."
Reject: "Perhaps some other time."

Reward Dialogue

"You are here seeking knowledge of the elements. Shalev knows of you, <name>. You would save Ascalon from the tragedy that has befallen her? Then you will need the knowledge that Shalev has to offer. A taste of this knowledge Shalev will give to you and more if you will perform a task for him."


Shalev's Task


Start at Sardelac Sanitarium and follow the quest marker to Shalev. The way is mostly filled with Stone Elementals and Hulking Stone Elementals. In front of the entrance of Shalev's cave are some Devourers and there may also be a devourer boss. Sometimes they attack Shalev, but he can take care of himself. Just don't let them attack him for too long.