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Elite Station Shrines are a type of Control Point and exist on all Alliance Battle maps. Elite Station shrines are only active to an alliance when they are under their control, this can be recognised by a blue light(Kurzick) or red light(Luxon) spreading out from the shrine. When the shrine is not controlled by either alliance, it will not display any color and is in a neutral status.

By controlling this shrine, it will spawn an elite unit that can be ordered to follow you by talking to it, much like the Ghostly Hero. The Elite Unit spawns at the Shrine every minute. To stop it from following you, click on it again. Other people can not order the elite to follow them unless they are not following anyone else.

Elite Station Shrines are generally tended to by 2 of its shrine type and an elite of its shrine type.

Saltspray Dragon[edit | edit source]

The Saltspray Dragon Roost during the map Saltspray Beach will summon a Saltspray Dragon Hatchling; although it is not referred to as a 'Elite' character, it will follow an allied member. This shrine will also summon 1 Kurzick Army Elementalist or 1 Luxon Army Elementalist depending on who controls the shrine.

Current Elite Types[edit | edit source]