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Elite Tome
Elite Warrior Tome.png
Elite Warrior Tome
Item details
Recharge.png Uses: 1


Elite {Profession} Tome

Uses remaining: 1

Double-click on the Elite Tome while in a town or outpost to learn one elite {Profession} skill already unlocked on your account. An Elite Skill tome has only one use.



Special for Elite Tomes

  • Skills learned using Elite Tomes count towards the Skill Hunter title, however you will not receive the experience available through using a Signet of Capture.
  • It is possible to get up to three Elite Tomes out of a single Locked Chest.
  • You can have more than one elite skill on your skillbar if you have at least one empty slot when using the tome. However, you will lose one of your elites when you zone (similar to what happens after capping elite skills).

Similar to Non-Elite Tomes

  • Elite tomes do not require skill points or a Signet of Capture to use.
  • In order to acquire a skill, your primary or secondary profession must match the tome's (e.g. to use a monk tome, you must be a Monk/... or .../Monk).
  • Tomes cannot be sold to merchants.
  • Elite tomes look like the non-elite version, except the cover detail is gold instead of silver.
  • Tomes of the same profession stack; elite and non-elite tomes do not.
  • Bosses only drop elite tomes of their profession (e.g. Byzzr Wingmender will only drop elite monk tomes).

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