Elite skills by capture location (Nightfall)

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These are skills organized by their capture location in Elona and the Realm of Torment. To see the elite skill locations in other continents, see Skills by capture location


  • Only elite skills are shown.
  • For each skill, the boss to capture it from (using a Signet of Capture) is linked with a preceding "⇒".
  • Each "⇒" represents a different Boss, if there are multiple bosses in the same zone with that skill each boss gets its own "⇒".

Nightfall Elite skill locations[edit | edit source]

Location Warrior-icon.png Ranger-icon.png Monk-icon.png Necromancer-icon.png Mesmer-icon.png Elementalist-icon.png Assassin-icon.png Ritualist-icon.png Paragon-icon.png Dervish-icon.png
Warrior Ranger Monk Necromancer Mesmer Elementalist Assassin Ritualist Paragon Dervish
This list does not contain regular skills.

Istan[edit | edit source]

Cliffs of Dohjok[edit | edit source]
(quest) "You're All Alone!"   (quest) Balthazar's Pendulum (quest) Reaper's Mark         (quest) Crippling Anthem (quest) Vow of Strength
Issnur Isles[edit | edit source]
      (quest) Ravenous Gaze   Icy Shackles        

Kourna[edit | edit source]

Consulate Docks (mission)[edit | edit source]
Magehunter Strike         Master of Magic     Cautery Signet Pious Renewal
Marga Coast[edit | edit source]
Cleave Burning Arrow Light of Deliverance   Extend Conditions Elemental Attunement Shadow Meld     Avatar of Melandru
Grenth's Grasp
Secure the Refuge[edit | edit source]
                (quest) Cruel Spear  
Arkjok Ward[edit | edit source]
Rage of the Ntouka
(quest) Barrage   Depravity Enchanter's Conundrum (quest) Lightning Surge   Destructive Was Glaive Cruel Spear Avatar of Grenth
Barbarous Shore[edit | edit source]
"You're All Alone!"       Simple Thievery     Wielder's Zeal Crippling Anthem Vow of Strength
Dejarin Estate[edit | edit source]
Magehunter Strike Infuriating Heat         Way of the Assassin Weapon of Fury Cautery Signet Avatar of Dwayna
The Floodplain of Mahnkelon[edit | edit source]
Decapitate Quick Shot
Ferocious Strike
Signet of Removal Contagion
Tainted Flesh
  Icy Shackles Hidden Caltrops     (quest) Grenth's Grasp
Jahai Bluffs[edit | edit source]
Devastating Hammer Rampage as One   Ravenous Gaze   Master of Magic     Defensive Anthem Avatar of Balthazar
Kodonur Crossroads (mission)[edit | edit source]
  Smoke Trap Zealous Benediction Blood is Power         Cautery Signet Pious Renewal
Pogahn Passage (mission)[edit | edit source]
        Enchanter's Conundrum Master of Magic     Cautery Signet  
Rilohn Refuge (mission)[edit | edit source]
Moddok Crevice (mission)[edit | edit source]
Cleave   Light of Deliverance           Cruel Spear  
Bahdok Caverns[edit | edit source]
    Balthazar's Pendulum Reaper's Mark
Grenth's Balance
  Stone Sheath     Focused Anger Zealous Vow
Sunward Marches[edit | edit source]
Crippling Slash       Crippling Anguish Lightning Surge       Reaper's Sweep
Avatar of Lyssa
Turai's Procession[edit | edit source]
  Strike as One
(quest) Infuriating Heat
Glimmer of Light (quest) Corrupt Enchantment Mantra of Recovery Searing Flames        
Nundu Bay (mission)[edit | edit source]
    Spell Breaker     Invoke Lightning     Anthem of Guidance Arcane Zeal

Vabbi[edit | edit source]

Yatendi Canyons[edit | edit source]
      Blood is Power
Corrupt Enchantment
Tease Master of Magic
Invoke Lightning
      Pious Renewal
Vehtendi Valley[edit | edit source]
Steady Stance       Crippling Anguish   Wastrel's Collapse Weapon of Fury    
Forum Highlands[edit | edit source]
Magehunter's Smash Ferocious Strike Zealous Benediction (quest) Contagion   Searing Flames   Spirit's Strength (quest) "Incoming!"  
Holdings of Chokhin[edit | edit source]
  Escape Shield of Regeneration     Lightning Surge Fox's Promise      
The Mirror of Lyss[edit | edit source]
Charging Strike       Energy Surge       (quest) Anthem of Guidance Ebon Dust Aura
Resplendent Makuun[edit | edit source]
  Expert's Dexterity Healer's Boon     Mind Burn     Song of Purification  
Wilderness of Bahdza[edit | edit source]
Toxic Chill
Visions of Regret Blinding Surge     "Incoming!"  
Dasha Vestibule (mission)[edit | edit source]
          Searing Flames     Angelic Bond Zealous Vow
Dzagonur Bastion (mission)[edit | edit source]
Magehunter's Smash   Spell Breaker     Invoke Lightning     Anthem of Guidance  
Garden of Seborhin[edit | edit source]
    Word of Healing Contagion Air of Disenchantment       Song of Restoration  
Vehjin Mines[edit | edit source]
"Charge!"   (quest) Spell Breaker Pain of Disenchantment         Song of Purification Wounding Strike
The Hidden City of Ahdashim[edit | edit source]
  Escape     Energy Surge (quest) Mind Burn     Angelic Bond Zealous Vow
(quest) Vow of Silence

The Desolation[edit | edit source]

The Sulfurous Wastes[edit | edit source]
(quest) Magehunter's Smash     Order of Undeath
(quest) Corrupt Enchantment
  Savannah Heat
(quest) Invoke Lightning
  Weapon of Remedy   Vow of Silence
Gate of Desolation (mission)[edit | edit source]
Soldier's Stance     Signet of Suffering Hex Eater Vortex       Soldier's Fury Vow of Silence
Joko's Domain[edit | edit source]
Soldier's Stance   (quest) Spell Breaker   Echo Obsidian Flesh Shadow Prison   Soldier's Fury  
The Shattered Ravines[edit | edit source]
Smoke Trap
Magebane Shot
The Alkali Pan[edit | edit source]
  Spike Trap Divert Hexes   Hex Eater Vortex       "It's just a flesh wound."  
The Ruptured Heart[edit | edit source]
  Scavenger's Focus Signet of Judgment (quest) Corrupt Enchantment Energy Drain       "The Power Is Yours!"  
Crystal Overlook[edit | edit source]
    Scribe's Insight Plague Signet     Shattering Assault Signet of Ghostly Might    
Poisoned Outcrops[edit | edit source]
      Signet of Suffering   Sandstorm
Ether Prism
  Reclaim Essence (quest) Anthem of Guidance  

Realm of Torment[edit | edit source]

Nightfallen Jahai[edit | edit source]
(quest) Hundred Blades (quest) Magebane Shot (quest) Signet of Judgment (quest) (quest) Jagged Bones Signet of Illusions   Assault Enchantments
Mark of Insecurity
  Anthem of Fury (quest) Arcane Zeal
(quest) Onslaught
Gate of Pain (mission)[edit | edit source]
          Ether Prism        
Domain of Pain[edit | edit source]
Battle Rage Barrage Healer's Covenant   Power Flux         Arcane Zeal
Domain of Fear*[edit | edit source]
(quest) *Auspicious Parry Prepared Shot Defender's Zeal   (quest) Power Flux Mind Freeze
(quest) *Star Burst
(quest) *Shroud of Silence   Stunning Strike  
Domain of Secrets[edit | edit source]
      Lingering Curse Symbols of Inspiration Mind Blast
(quest) Mind Burn
(quest) Shattering Assault Offering of Spirit
Caretaker's Charge
Gate of Madness (mission)[edit | edit source]
Magehunter's Smash         Invoke Lightning        
Depths of Madness[edit | edit source]
Hundred Blades   Spell Breaker Jagged Bones     Golden Skull Strike Xinrae's Weapon    

* - These 3 skills in the Domain of Fear are Factions campaign skills and they can only be captured if you have the Factions campaign on your account.