Elite skills list (Factions)

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Warrior-icon.png Warrior

Axe Mastery

Triple Chop Triple Chop

Whirling Axe Whirling Axe

Hammer Mastery

Enraged Smash Enraged Smash

Forceful Blow Forceful Blow


Primal Rage Primal Rage


Dragon Slash Dragon Slash

Quivering Blade Quivering Blade


Auspicious Parry Auspicious Parry

Shove Shove

No Attribute

"Coward!" "Coward!"

Ranger-icon.png Ranger

Beast Mastery

Enraged Lunge Enraged Lunge

Heal as One Heal as One

Lacerate Lacerate


Archer's Signet Archer's Signet

Glass Arrows Glass Arrows

Trapper's Focus Trapper's Focus


Broad Head Arrow Broad Head Arrow

Melandru's Shot Melandru's Shot

Wilderness Survival

Equinox Equinox

Famine Famine

Monk-icon.png Monk

Divine Favor

Blessed Light Blessed Light

Boon Signet Boon Signet

Withdraw Hexes Withdraw Hexes

Healing Prayers

Healing Burst Healing Burst

Healing Light Healing Light

Protection Prayers

Air of Enchantment Air of Enchantment

Life Sheath Life Sheath

Smiting Prayers

Ray of Judgment Ray of Judgment

Word of Censure Word of Censure

No Attribute

Empathic Removal Empathic Removal

Necromancer-icon.png Necromancer

Blood Magic

Cultist's Fervor Cultist's Fervor

Spoil Victor Spoil Victor

Vampiric Spirit Vampiric Spirit


Order of Apostasy Order of Apostasy

Soul Bind Soul Bind

Weaken Knees Weaken Knees

Death Magic

Animate Flesh Golem Animate Flesh Golem

Discord Discord

Soul Reaping

Icy Veins Icy Veins

Wail of Doom Wail of Doom

Mesmer-icon.png Mesmer

Domination Magic

Psychic Distraction Psychic Distraction

Fast Casting

Arcane Languor Arcane Languor

Psychic Instability Psychic Instability

Stolen Speed Stolen Speed

Illusion Magic

Recurring Insecurity Recurring Insecurity

Shared Burden Shared Burden

Inspiration Magic

Lyssa's Aura Lyssa's Aura

Power Leech Power Leech

No Attribute

Expel Hexes Expel Hexes

Shatter Storm Shatter Storm

Elementalist-icon.png Elementalist

Air Magic

Gust Gust

Ride the Lightning Ride the Lightning

Earth Magic

Shockwave Shockwave

Unsteady Ground Unsteady Ground

Energy Storage

Energy Boon Energy Boon

Fire Magic

Double Dragon Double Dragon

Star Burst Star Burst

Water Magic

Mirror of Ice Mirror of Ice

Shatterstone Shatterstone

No Attribute

Second Wind Second Wind

Assassin-icon.png Assassin

Critical Strikes

Dark Apostasy Dark Apostasy

Locust's Fury Locust's Fury

Palm Strike Palm Strike

Seeping Wound Seeping Wound

Dagger Mastery

Flashing Blades Flashing Blades

Moebius Strike Moebius Strike

Temple Strike Temple Strike

Deadly Arts

Assassin's Promise Assassin's Promise

Shroud of Silence Shroud of Silence

Siphon Strength Siphon Strength

Way of the Empty Palm Way of the Empty Palm

Shadow Arts

Beguiling Haze Beguiling Haze

Shadow Form Shadow Form

Shadow Shroud Shadow Shroud

No Attribute

Aura of Displacement Aura of Displacement

Ritualist-icon.png Ritualist

Channeling Magic

Clamor of Souls Clamor of Souls

Grasping Was Kuurong Grasping Was Kuurong

Signet of Spirits Signet of Spirits


Wanderlust Wanderlust

Weapon of Quickening Weapon of Quickening

Restoration Magic

Defiant Was Xinrae Defiant Was Xinrae

Preservation Preservation

Spirit Light Weapon Spirit Light Weapon

Tranquil Was Tanasen Tranquil Was Tanasen

Vengeful Was Khanhei Vengeful Was Khanhei

Spawning Power

Attuned Was Songkai Attuned Was Songkai

Consume Soul Consume Soul

Ritual Lord Ritual Lord

Soul Twisting Soul Twisting

Spirit Channeling Spirit Channeling