Disambiguous.png This article is about the colony-nation of Elonia. For the continent, see Elona.
Elona Ruins.JPG
Elonian ruins in the Crystal Desert
Elona Mirage.JPG
The mirage of the ruins pictured above from afar

"In the last night before the nation of Elonia was no more..."

-- from the inscription on Priest Nahtem's Bones

Elonia was the name of a colony nation established some two hundred years ago in the Crystal Desert by Turai Ossa and his Elonian followers, named after their home, Elona. They were on the Great Pilgrimage, trying to attain glory by achieving Ascension. They built towering monuments and great cities in the desert hoping to draw the attention of the Gods.

The Elonians, like their predecessors, the Margonites, failed. Their pride caused mistrust to spread amongst them and their disregard for the Forgotten Ones caused them to engage them in battle. Both factors lead to the hasty demise of the once great nation.

  • One group went to the Dunes of Despair, and built the Temple of Ascension, where the gods will be looking . However, they were killed by the Forgotten.
  • Another group went to Elona Reach, trying to assemble the Vision Crystal to focus the gaze of the gods. However, the Elonians did not trust each other and split into three camps, each with a Vision Crystal shard, under the care of priests Hehmnut, Nahtem, and Kahdat. That was their downfall as no group would trust the others with their crystals. Those that did not die of thirst and starvation were easy prey for the Forgotten army and their Enchanted. This marked the end of the nation.

It is unknown if the Elonians ever succeeded the challenge of purifying themselves at the Thirsty River before their downfall.

During the events of the Prophecies Campaign, players will need to aid Turai Ossa in the three Crystal Desert missions Dunes of Despair, Elona Reach and Thirsty River to achieve their own Ascension.

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