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Elonian armor is an armor art in the Nightfall campaign, exclusive to the two Nightfall professions. There is no elite version of this armor.

It can be obtained from the following armor crafters:

Location Crafter Base armor Gold
Dervish Paragon
Consulate Docks Vatundo 70 80 1 Platinum
Command Post Burreh
Boreal Station Jolvor Stoneforge

It can also be obtained from collectors, in exchange for the following trophies:

Region Base armor Head Chest Hands Legs Feet
Dervish Paragon
Istan 40 50 1 Mandragor Swamproot 3 Copper Shillings 1 Rinkhal Talon 3 Skale Teeth 3 Fledgling Skree Wings
55 65 3 Copper Shillings 3 Silver Bullion Coins 3 Insect Appendages 2 Mandragor Swamproots 3 Fledgling Skree Wings


Dervish Paragon
Female Male Female Male
Dervish Elonian Armor F gray front.jpg Dervish Elonian Armor M gray front.jpg Paragon Elonian Armor F gray front.jpg Paragon Elonian Armor M gray front.jpg