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Species: Human
Profession: Assassin Assassin-icon.png
Level(s): 20

Emi, NPC[]

Emi is Chiyo's twin sister. They had both studied with Mhenlo under Master Togo when they were much younger. They are both very grateful to Mhenlo. The sisters had a crush on Mhenlo at a young age, although Chiyo has apparently outgrown hers. Emi is also oblivious to Cynn's distaste of her, even to the point of believing she would get along just fine with Cynn.

Quests Involved In[]



During Welcome to Cantha:

"From the time I was a little girl, I remember Mhenlo looking out for Chiyo and me. We were small for our age, and some of the older students enjoyed bullying us, but Mhenlo made them stop. I remember that I wanted to be a Monk, like him, but my father wanted me to be an Assassin...."

When spoken to in the Divine Path:

"Perhaps we could take a trip to the northlands to visit Mhenlo! I think his friend Cynn and I will get along very well! What do you think?"

Emi, Cutthroat Henchman[]

Profession: Assassin
Armament: Daggers
Armor: Assassin Shing Jea Armor

As a henchman, she is available in several locations in Cantha.


Skills used[]



  • Can Daze and interrupt casters and Blind melee foes.


  • Has pathing issues like the other melee henchmen.
  • As with most melee henchmen, it is difficult to get her to retreat quickly, which usually results in her death due to her lower health and armor level.
  • She doesn't seem to use Signet of Malice very often.
  • Cannot tank as well as Nika.


In Kaineng City:

"My twin sister Chiyo and I have been through much together. In our younger days, we learned from Master Togo and the Headmasters at Shing Jea Monastery, Mhenlo was one of our mentors and a dear friend. Isn't he the best? Now we work for the Oracle of the Mists out of the Nahpui Quarter as Adepts, a most important task indeed.
Did you need something?"


Idle quotes in Kaineng City:

  • "Did I tell you about the time Mhenlo beat up the bully picking on me?"
  • "Mhenlo certainly is handsome, isn't he?"
  • "Oh no, I got blood on my shoes."

Battle quotes:

  • "I dance on the wind, you seem to dance with your feet stuck in the mud."
  • "I got this one!"
  • "Mhenlo taught me this move."
  • "My daggers will teach you that you picked the wrong girl to pick on."
  • "Reminds me of chopping vegetables."
  • "That wasn't such a good idea now was it?"
  • "You don't stand a chance. The Oracle told me so!"

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