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Emperor Hanjai was the 28th Emperor of Cantha. He took the throne at age seventeen, making him the youngest emperor in Cantha's history. He commenced the Dragon Festival to symbolize the survival of Empire of the Dragon despite the tragedy of the Jade Wind which followed his predecessor's death. Although young at the time of his ascension to the throne, he is considered to have handled the events following Shiro's betrayal very capably, and his actions likely saved thousands of Canthan lives.


Hanjai was the son of Emperor Angsiyan, most famous for being murdered by Shiro Tagachi at the Harvest Temple right before the Jade Wind. When young Hanjai took the title of emperor, the continent was in turmoil. Half of Cantha had been destroyed by Shiro's death wail, and the Luxons and Kurzicks had taken to fighting again after a short lived peace due to the deaths of their champions at the Harvest Temple. In addition, the vast numbers of Canthan citizens fleeing the immediate destruction of the Jade Wind inadvertently trampled the farmlands south of Kaineng City, leaving much of the population without food.

The emperor is mainly known for two important decrees. The first was to initiate an open door policy with the gates of Kaineng City, allowing any citizen that wished to take up permanent residence there to do so. The second, maybe more important, decree was to force all of Cantha's farmers to relocate to the untouched Shing Jea island, which after centuries of delogging had many open fields suitable for planting.

The effects of Hanjai's rule continue to the present day. While the opening of Kaineng City's gates is considered to be a wise move, it had the unfortunate effect of massive overcrowding and cramped living space, which is more apparent than ever today. Also, Shing Jea Island became the "breadbasket" of Cantha, with the fertile grounds outside of Tsumei Village providing much of the food for the empire.

Preceded by:
28th Emperor of Cantha Succeeded by:
872 AE — 902 AE