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Emperor Kisu
Emperor Kisu.jpg
Species: Human
Profession: Ritualist/Mesmer Ritualist-icon.png
Level(s): 20


Emperor Kisu is the present Emperor of Cantha. He also provides the briefing for the Imperial Sanctum mission.

Preceded by:
31st Emperor of Cantha Succeeded by:
Emperor Usoku
1058 AE — ?

Quests Involved In[]




Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Factions Campaign.

When spoken to during involved quests:

"The Canthan Empire has seen dark times before, but I fear that Shiro brings a darkness no light can penetrate."

Mission briefing for the Imperial Sanctum:

"Togo was selfless with his life. Shiro harnessed Togo's honor and used him to complete the ritual. His loss is a huge blow to all of Tyria, but we must not let grief stop us now. Failure here means that all of Cantha is lost. Go now and defeat Shiro once and for all."
What do you need?"

Recap Shiro's misdeeds for me.

"Togo has been slain! The spilling of this blood completed Shiro's ritual, and he is now mortal. I am safe thanks to you, but my half brother is lost."

What is happening in the Imperial Sanctum?

"Now that Shiro is mortal, you must defeat him before he is able to wreak havoc upon all of Cantha. Kuunavang will provide some assistance, and Mhenlo shall join you to avenge Togo's death. I am powerless against Shiro, so you must fight without my help."

Give me advice I can use to defeat Shiro.

"1. Kuunavang will teach you a skill if you wish.
2. Attack Shiro with everything you have, but beware that he will try to banish you.
3. If you are banished, kill every monster on the island and you will rejoin your party with your new skill and Resurrection Signet recharged.
4. If you fall while banished, Shiro will teleport your body back to the fight so that you can witness his dominance from the afterlife."

When spoken to in the Divine Path, at campaign's end:

"I will build a monument to my brother. He was a great man and any tribute to him must be fitting. Until that day, I pray that you keep him in your memories."

Skills Used[]



  • In one of the Nightfall preview movies, he is seen in Gandara with two of his elite guard conversing with General Morgahn. It is currently unknown why, however it may be related to Kourna's import of Canthan siege weaponry.
  • Kisu is Japanese for kiss.