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Emperor Kisu, the current Emperor of Cantha in his ceremonial dress

The Emperor of Cantha, or, more formally, the "Lord Emperor of the Dragon", is the head monarch of the Canthan empire.

He rules from Raisu Palace in Kaineng City, and his direct dominion extends over the entire continent of Cantha except for those areas under the control of the vassal nations of the Kurzicks and the Luxons.

The current Emperor is Kisu. His reign has seen the end of the Tengu Wars, a return of trade ties with Tyria, and, the return of Shiro Tagachi.

Imperial Bloodline[]

The Emperor is a hereditary position, going back to the first Emperor, Kaineng Tah. His crowning marks the start of the Canthan Calendar, on 0 CC (510 BE). Since then, to this day, there has been an unbroken line of Emperors, with the current emperor being the 31st in the line of succession:

These are some of the known Emperors:

No. Name Reign (CC) Remark
1 Kaineng Tah 0 - 46 The very first Emperor, united the clans of Cantha
2 Yian Zho 46 - ?
11 Chang Hai 511 - ? The first Emperor who was "Weh no Su"
23 Singtah ? - 1204 Died when the old Raisu Palace burned down.
24 Senvho 1204 - ? Rebuilt Raisu Palace
27 Angsiyan ? - 1382 Murdered by Shiro Tagachi
28 Hanjai 1382 - 1412 Commenced the Dragon Festival
30 Kintah ? - 1568 Fathered Togo and Kisu
31 Kisu 1568 - today The present Emperor
32 Usoku ? - ? Succeeded Emperor Kisu

For a categorical list of known Emperors, see also: Category:Emperors of Cantha.

Imperial Court[]

Much of the Emperor's Court consist of the nobility. It is filled with people of various backgrounds, flatterers in positions of trust, as well as Kurzick and Luxon spies who don't bother to conceal their identities.

Within the court there are also agents of the Emperor. These agents act as the public face of the Emperor, and carry out political or military activities. The agents serve as the right arm of the Emperor. There is a master of swordsmanship, known as the Emperor's Blade. The Emperor's Voice speaks to the Canthan people on behalf of the Emperor. Also, in situations where neither military might nor diplomacy would serve, the Emperor's Hand will get the job done.

Imperial Bureaucracy[]

Directly below the Emperor, and serving at His pleasure, is the Celestial Ministry. They are the chief administrative body of the Empire, handling all day to day activities. Like most bureaucracies, the Celestial Ministry is at times bloated and thick with corruption; and they are highly inefficient. While the Emperor may desire a stronger control of the ministry, the sheer scope of their activities overwhelms the abilities of a single man.

The citizens of Cantha love their Emperor and are steadfastly loyal to Him. They do not have as much love for the Ministry.