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Energy denial is a strategy that focuses on draining, stealing, or otherwise degenerating an opponents' energy. This is a very effective method of disabling spell casters.

In PvE, foes typically have a very high energy regeneration. Thus, it is difficult to deplete their energy reserves. However, enemy casters will attack while they are not casting, making martial class counters more effective against spellcasting Bosses.

Skills used for this technique include:

  • Debilitating Shot, combined with high Expertise and any Recharge reduction can drain a target quickly.
  • Quicksand is very effective against non-casting classes. Like all Nature Rituals, it affects both foes and allies.
  • "Fear me!" requires only Adrenaline and drains all nearby foes.
  • Malaise and Wither can deny normal energy regeneration, or even stack into degeneration.
  • Depravity provides the target with a choice to stop casting or lose energy.
  • Sympathetic Visage/Ancestor's Visage are excellent at denying energy and Adrenaline to opposing Warriors and Assassins.
  • Spirit Shackles drains energy for every attack, thus works best on martial classes.
  • Energy Burn and Energy Surge pull energy away from the target foe and convert it into damage.
  • Many Interrupt skills can be used for energy denial, as the cost of casting the spell is lost with no effect.

Related skills:

  • Famine and Mind Wrack change energy denial into damage, providing additional pressure.

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