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This article is about a part of Guild Wars that has been removed from the game.

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An EoE bomb is a team build based around the skills Edge of Extinction, Light of Dwayna and Blood is Power

The aim of the build is to completely destroy an opposing team by damaging them through Edge of Extinction.

The main components of the team are a Rezmer with Light of Dwayna and Mark of Protection, a ranger with maximised Beast Mastery to cast Edge of Extinction, and the remaining places are filled by Saccers, the players who kill themselves to trigger Edge of Extinction.

First the ranger should cast Edge of Extinction in a place near where the team plans to bomb, it should be a place where it is unlikely to be killed. Then the entire team gathers around the rezmer. Timing is crucial at this stage. The rezmer casts Mark of Protection to ensure that it survives the Edge of Extinction damage, while the saccers (and sometimes the ranger as well) kill themselves using health sacrifice. Their death will cause mass damage in the area to any humans. After they are dead, the rezmer immediately uses Light of Dwayna combined with Fast Casting to quickly revive the rest of the team. The team then immediately kills themselves again as quickly as possible.

If the entire opposing team is not dead at this stage, the EoE bomb team is highly likely to lose.

While it was still a viable build, it was highly vulnerable. Timing had to be precise, and the slightest disruption would render the build useless.

In areas such as Hero's Ascent, EoE bombs became common enough that saccers would "disguise" themselves as other classes. If the opposing team realised that they were facing EoE bombers, they would generally spread out as far as possible as quickly as possible. In addition to this, fast healers would be able to heal between the first and second EoE "spikes", which would often enable them to survive.

If done correctly, the EoE bomb would damage all humans within the area for 728 damage in under 5 seconds.