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Eredon Terrace
Eredon Terrace.jpg
Campaign Factions
Region The Jade Sea
Party size 8
Map area 0.17%
Neighbors Maishang Hills
Services Merchant
Skill trainer


This remote Luxon outpost is the site of the Eredon jade-smasher apparatus, an experimental device of Canthan design that allows huge chunks of jade to be reduced to smaller size for ease of transport. A small village has sprung up around this structure.

Getting there[]

From Bai Paasu Reach, travel east to the northeastern corner of the Maishang Hills.




  • The Luxon Sentry inside the exclusive area can be spoken to through the gate. She can transport people as if they were inside the area. This is dubious, however, as players are already outside the area.
  • For the Canthan cartographer title, there is a glitch in this map area that can be used to explore an extra 0.5% of the map of Cantha. This requires entering the exclusive area in the outpost, which can be done by shadow stepping or teleporting across the portal from Maishang Hills without triggering the standard rezone and walking through the closed gate. When the bridge in that area is crossed, it is possible to get behind the mountain by wall hugging at the edge of the cliff. Behind the mountain is a large amount of open space that will contribute to the cartographer title. The end of the world glitch is also clearly visible.
    • Be warned, though: If the entire area is mapped, including where the map ends, the zoomed out map will have an irremovable dark line where the map of Maishang Hills ends.