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#Travel to the [[Kurzick refugee settlement|Kurzick Settlement]] and eliminate [[Mukesh the Merciless|Mukesh, the Merciless]] and his undead cohorts.
#See [[Lionguard Roshan]] for your reward.
'''Obtained From'''
:[[Lionguard Roshan]] in [[Bergen Hot Springs]]
:*2,500 [[XP]]
:*250 [[Kurzick Faction]]
:''"Greetings, <nowiki>[player name]</nowiki>. If you would, I could use your help at the [[Kurzick refugee settlement]]. Apparently, some lunatic [[Necromancer]] and his undead servants have taken over the area. Someone must rid the settlement of this nuisance so that the refugees can finish their business of getting settled. Would that person be you?"''
[[Image:Kurzick refugee settlement Map.jpg|right|thumb|Location of the Kurzick refugee settlement]]
Pretty straightforward. Go where the compass directs you and eliminate all the undead.
If attempting to finish this quest with [[henchmen]], you might find it easier to start from the [[Temple of the Ages]] (level 15 henchmen, and party size of 8).
*This quest is no longer avaliable as of the update on [[Game updates/20060329|Wednesday, March 29, 2006]]
[[Category:Special event quests]]

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