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A typical Ettin

Ettins are a class of monster, i.e. a species in the bestiary of Guild Wars.

Ettins are giant-kin, large humanoid creatures, which have two conjoined faces on their single head. They have great muscular bodies and thick gray skin, and are always found carrying huge clubs on their shoulders.


Ettins can only be found as hammer warriors (except for their bosses, and the Earthborn Ettins which appeared on the Establish the Luxon Settlement quest). They will usually be found in groups of 2-3 and will generally pose a threat to any party spell caster if they all get to him/her at once. They can use their sheer strength to land great amounts of damage. Therefore, skills that hinder warriors (such as those that slow them or blind them) are very useful against Ettins.

Unlike full-fledged giants, Ettins can be knocked down (be mindful though that Enslaved Ettins, Snow Ettins, and Gypsie Ettins all use Balanced Stance).

Furthermore keep in mind that Ettins ...

Items dropped[]

Ettins may drop the following loot (besides gold and various weapons and items):

Trophies Ettin Humps
Crafting Materials None
Salvage Items various
(Ettin Pauldrons)

Known Sub-Types[]

Ettins are found in the Shiverpeak Mountains, Kryta and the Ring of Fire Islands.

Region Sub-Species Trophy
Northern Shiverpeaks Warrior11 Snow Ettin Icy Hump
Kryta Warrior15 Gypsie Ettin Hardened Hump
Southern Shiverpeaks
(Sorrow's Furnace)
Warrior24 Enslaved Ettin None
Ring of Fire Islands Warrior24 Igneous Ettin Igneous Hump

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