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An explorable area is your party's instance of a zone that lies between cities, outposts, and missions. Explorable areas are where most of the PvE content takes place (the other being missions). Mobs in explorable areas and missions are typically geared for a certain level of player. When you walk through an explorable area, the map shows you moving, creating a path of red dots which traces where you have already ventured during that particular journey.

Explorable Areas Are Different From Missions[ | ]

Explorable areas differ from missions in a few important ways:

  • When your party dies in a mission, the mission ends. The party leader is given the option to return everyone to the previous town. When your party dies in an explorable area, they are usually transported to and resurrected at a Resurrection Shrine. There are, however, exceptions to this.
  • Missions have a set list of goals or objectives, which yield a reward upon completion, whereas explorable areas have none. Explorable areas, however, often feature quests.

However, Guild Wars:Eye of the North missions are treated differently; most of them have resurrection shrines, and usually the NPC allies resurrect themselves after a certain amount of time.

Dungeons[ | ]

Dungeons are treated in the same way as Explorable areas are; most of them have resurrection shrines, and usually if somone dies you don't automatically fail. Whilst Dungeons are not explorable areas; most of them are not actually explorable, as their exploration count resets every time you enter it.

Getting to explorable areas[ | ]

To get to an explorable area, you simply leave the staging area you're in by walking through the area boundary. There will be a sign near the area boundary indicating which area this exit leads to. If anyone in your party leaves the town, the entire party will leave too.

Remote areas[ | ]

Some explorable areas are remote. A remote area has no staging area - no town, outpost or mission - connected to it and so even on completing the game it must be accessed by fighting through other explorable areas. Some, such as The Falls and Dragon's Gullet in Tyria, are doubly remote - even the areas through which they are reached have no staging area.

Reaching and exploring these areas are among the game's greater challenges but the rewards are also usually greater with good drops and elite skills available. In Hard Mode it is difficult to reach them without suffering a damaging death penalty.

List[ | ]