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Eye of Janthir


The Divine Eye of Janthir is an artifact of great power used by the White Mantle to find the Chosen among people under their rule. Saul D'Alessio brought the artifact from the Island of Janthir where it is said that the inhabitants possess the gift of True Sight and that the artifact possesses a fraction of this power.

Those handling the Eye and administering the test must first be cleansed in the Fountain of Truth.

In the Divinity Coast mission players will carry the Eye of Janthir and administer the test. The eye is not a physical object; it will hover above the players' heads switching between players (apparently staying closer to the center of the party). If it comes near any non-Chosen NPC it will knock them down. If they are among the Chosen, they will express delight and follow the players' party.

In a fight, the Eye will use its Gaze to knock down all enemies in the area every 5 seconds.

The Eye seems to be immune to all player effects,not only ones that require targeting but also non-targeted skills like Rituals, Wards or Area of Effect skills. However, you can use Earthbind which (if kept maintained) can keep all enemies knocked down for 3 seconds every 5 seconds resulting in very big advantage during fights.


  • The Eye of Janthir resembles the popular image of the Illuminati. This is likely intentional, as the Illuminati is often considered a link to cults and secret societies.

Player under the Eye of Janthir Guise