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FFF is an abbreviation for fast faction farming — gaining as many points towards a reputation-based title in as little time as possible.

Luxon[edit | edit source]

  • Meta: The fastest method currently used is repeatedly vanquishing Mount Qinkai. Leave from Aspenwood Gate (Luxon). See MQSC Luxon FFF for more info. It produces 10–11k faction in around 6–9 minutes for proficient teams, or 65–110k/hour.

Kurzick[edit | edit source]

  • Meta: The fastest Kurzick method known at this time is repeatedly vanquishing Morostav Trail. See more at MTSC Kurzick FFF. In 15-23 minutes it produces 22-25k Faction for proficient teams, or 57–100k/hour.

Additional info[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Historical note.png Historical note: Before the November 13th 2008 update, FFF or HFFF also commonly referred to certain specific methods of faction farming. Kurzick FFF or HFFF involved the repetitive completion of the quest Securing Echovald Forest in Melandru's Hope, sometimes with humans (the archived builds can be found here), but more often with heroes (with a setup similar to the one here). Luxon HFFF involved the repetitive completion of the quest Scout the Coast in Mount Qinkai, of which the build can be found here.
Historical note.png Historical note: The November 13th 2008 update, had no effect on The Jade Arena where heroes and henches help defeat all of the combatants. This is the only remaining HFFF and FFF quest left.
Historical note.png Historical note: Originally, FFF referred to Kurzick Faction but the concept applies to Luxon Faction, Balthazar Faction, or conceivably any other type of reputation points.

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