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Facet of Destruction
Facet of Destruction.jpg

Species: Forgotten
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 28
Cipher Balthazar 1.jpg

Possible Location in Verdant Cascades #1
Cipher Balthazar 2.JPG

Possible Location in Verdant Cascades #2
Cipher Balthazar 3.JPG

Possible Location in Verdant Cascades #3


The Facet of Destruction is a Forgotten warrior boss that appears in Verdant Cascades when you get close enough to its location during the quest The Cipher of Balthazar. It also appears in Varajar Fells during the quest The Path to Revelations.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • The Facet of Destruction looks exactly like the Facets that are encountered during The Dragon's Lair (mission) in the Prophecies campaign.
  • Spawn location in Verdant Cascades can be random. If proximity goes straight to about 15% its on location #3
  • It might be wise to capture Gladiator's Defense from him to save time doing Dragon's Lair.
  • At the third spawn location, a group of Quetzal patrol the area. By simply allowing them to meet saves you the trouble of fighting one or possibly both. The Facet usually loses to them.
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