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The Prophecies campaign is very open compared to the Factions campaign. You can just explore and run to almost any place on the map. The only missions that open up unreachable areas are Sanctum Cay and Thunderhead Keep. The Factions campaign is different in that you are forced to follow the storyline by preventing you to access areas until you unlock them by doing quests or missions. The following is a list of the quests and missions you must complete to progress through the story and the world map.

Storyline Quests and Missions[]

Shing Jea Island[]

Quest chains are displayed in cascade fashion to show requirement relationships. Prophecies and Nightfall characters have all Shing Jea Island areas unlocked, except for those directly unlocked after mission completion (Ran Musu Gardens and the explorable versions of each mission zone).

Tyria or Elona born characters:

Kaineng City[]

There's a difference for Factions and non-Factions characters.

Non-Factions characters:

Factions characters:

From here on, all characters follow the same primary quests.

At this point the storyline splits and allows you to follow one side or the other. It's advisable to pick a side and stick with it. As you do quests for either side, you can earn faction for that side. When you spend your faction on one side, you will lose the same amount from the other. So it's better to earn faction from one side, spend it all, then earn faction from the other side.

Luxon Storyline[]

Kurzick Storyline[]

At this point the story line joins back up again. After completing Unwaking Waters, it is possible to access the southern parts of the Echovald Forest without completing The Eternal Grove (mission) as long as Befriending the Kurzicks has been completed by talking to Gatekeeper Dedrick in the Unwaking Waters explorable area, and it is possible to access the southern parts of the Jade Sea without completing Gyala Hatchery as long as Befriending the Luxons has been completed by talking to Hylas in the Unwaking Waters explorable area.

Final Storyline[]

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