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Quest map


  1. Discover the fate of Jenn Valefield.
  2. Discern the fate of Chance Redding.
  3. Divine the fate of Sergeant Weststar.

Obtained from

Corpse of Brave Brent Poltroon in Dalada Uplands


Assault On The Stronghold
Find the group outside Longeye's Ledge, approach them (aggro range) and let them finish their discussion.


Common to all professions Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support


"*The body of Brave Brent Poltroon lies before you, replete with savage and grisly wounds. It appears Brent's suspicions were not baseless after all, and he was chewed on by a Charr. What fate has befallen the other Ebon Vanguard?*"
Accept: "I hope the others aren't this... gnawed."
Reject: "I'm too pretty to be a chew toy!"

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Jenn Valefield: "At last! A familiar face amongst this madness."
Jenn Valefield: "We were attacked by... something. I couldn't see what it was. Just that it was enormous."
Jenn Valefield: "We had to run, and we were separated. I'm not sure where the others are."
Jenn Valefield: "I'll go with you. We need to find Chance and the Captain, and make sure that they're all right."

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Chance Redding: "Ah! Back, Charr! Oh, it's you two. It's a good thing you're here... I'm holding up, but Mr. Pointy was getting a little nervous."
Chance Redding: "I was about to roust every Charr in the place... as soon as I stop bleeding when I move. Anytime now."
Chance Redding: "Maybe I'm too injured to fight, but I can still offer inspiring homilies to pump us up for battle!"
Chance Redding: "Eh, let's just find the Sergeant before Blazeclaw turns him into short ribs."

Reward Dialogue

"<name>, Jenn, Chance. I'm gratified you're not dead. Rake Blazeclaw and another Charr attacked me and headed into the dungeon. We are safe for now, but this isn't over yet. It may be worse than we thought. Those Charr said they were meeting another of their kind named Rragar. There is something insidious afoot, and whatever it is, can only bode ill for us if they aren't stopped."


The Hunting of the Charr


The corpse of Brave Brent Poltroon can be found just north of the entrance to Sacnoth Valley in Dalada Uplands. After taking the quest, simply follow the quest marker to the locations of the other two persons listed. Sergeant Weststar will give you your reward and the next quest.