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Disambiguous.png This article is about the Nightfall quest "Family Ties". For the Prophecies quest with the same name, see Family Ties (Prophecies).


Path to Ailonseh


  1. Talk to Ailonseh Dejarin about Koss and the family estate.
  2. Deliver Ailonseh's letter to Zudash Dejarin.

Obtained from

Zudash Dejarin in Yohlon Haven.


Tendering an Offer
The Young Lady Vanishes
Koss is required in the party



"Koss was a headstrong, impetuous child, and as he grew to manhood we quarreled continually. His poor sister, Ailonseh, always ended up in the middle. When he became a Sunspear it was too much for me and I disowned him. He has not used the family name since.
But now that he's given me back part of the family estates, I see that his heart is in the right place even if he has poor taste in friends... present company excluded.
Find Ailonseh in Arkjok Ward. Tell her what has happened. Ask her to return to me and help rebuild the family estate. Perhaps we can begin anew."
Accept: "Family comes first, always. I'll help reunite the Dejarins."
Reject: "They can work it out on their own. They're grownups."

Intermediate Dialouge (Ailonseh Dejarin)

"Ahai, dear brother. I am so glad that father has finally forgiven you. Of course I will return to help rebuild the estate. It's small, but it's ours. Here, take this letter to father. I will be along presently. And please, brother, come by and visit. Bring your friends... your new friends."

Reward Dialogue

Forgive my tears, but this day is joyous. You have shown me that my son is a good man. Because of his efforts, our family will again be whole. Please excuse me, I've much work to do. Thank you, again.


Just leave Yohlon Haven, and stay on the southeast side, to reach Ailonseh. There are some groups of monsters, but they are not hard. It is a smaller area and you can aggro quite a few enemies, so some AoE spells are really effective.


Though Ailonseh invites you to come and visit, there is no follow-up quest.