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Disambiguous.png This article is about the general game mechanic. For the blessing of the same name, see Favor of the Gods (blessing).

The Favor of the Gods refers to the Gods of Tyria focusing their attention on the game world.

Benefits of favor[]

When the world has the Favor of the Gods, each player can summon an avatar of each god (by kneeling to the god's statue) in the game:


There are a few ways to tell if the world has the Favor of the Gods:

  • In the chat window, the message "The gods have blessed the world with their favor" will appear as soon as the favor is granted.
  • The command /favor will tell you how many minutes of favor remain or how many achievements must be reached before favor is granted.
  • Statues of the gods will display differently when the world has favor. (See God's statue for complete description).

Granting favor[]

Favor is granted after players maximize their rank in twenty titles; there is no time limit to reach this. After earning 20 achievements, the gods will grant 60 minutes of favor and an additional three minutes for each additional achievement.

Achievements eligible for favor[]

The titles counting for favor are:

Campaign Account-based Character-based






Eye of the North
Each Campaign


What happens when favor has expired?[]

When the duration has expired, the world loses the Favor of the Gods. If you are near a statue, you will hear a loud crack and the statue will go back to its dim state.

  • Players in the Realms of the Gods will not be thrown out.
  • Blessings granted while the world had favor will not end prematurely.


  • Favor is capped at 35,000 minutes (approximately 24 days).

Historical notes[]

  • Previously, favor was granted on a per-territory basis, depending on the achievements in America, Europe, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan/Macao/Hong Kong.
  • At one time, if favor exceeded 37,767 minutes, it caused an error (probably caused by its representation as a two-byte, signed integer), which made it seem as if favor would last a negative number of minutes. This was first seen during the bonus weekend of January 18, 2008, in which lots of players were maximizing their Legendary Spearmarshal and Holy Lightbringer titles. Early morning January 20th saw the Favor counter overflow and reset to 0.


  • A long-standing rumor suggests Favor affects drop rate of loot, but there is no evidence to back this up.