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  1. Protect the emperor's cook as he serves soup to the poor.
  2. See Imperial Guardsman Kintae for your reward.

Obtained from

Imperial Guardsman Kintae in Kaineng Center



"As the plague worsens, the poor are being hit the hardest. Food prices have climbed uncontrollably as farmers and merchants have slowed shipments to Kaineng City for fear of infection. Charitable funds have dried up as people worry only for themselves. The emperor is concerned for his people, especially the poor and elderly, and has mandated that his personal cooks prepare food for them. It is a gracious gesture by our emperor, but the Imperial Guard has no men to spare to protect the cooks while they distribute soup to the needy. If you are loyal to the emperor, go to Bukdek Byway and help protect Imperial Chef Yileng."
Accept: "I will protect the cook on this noble quest."
Reject: "I'm no man's chowder hound!"

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Canthan Peasant: "The emperor has given us a great gift.I will not dishonor him by fleeing from that which threatens his city!"
Canthan Guard: "Creatures of the plague approach!"
Canthan Peasant: "Dear gods no, afflicted creatures! Run!"

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Canthan Peasant: "Yes! Fight the Afflicted! Kill them for the emperor!"
Imperial Chef Yileng: "Let us see how this Afflicted creature likes the taste of my soup ladle! Face me at your own peril, devil spawn!"

Intermediate Dialogue 3

Canthan Peasant: "We are safe! Praise the emperor!"
Canthan Peasant: "We did it! We defeated them!"
Canthan Peasant: "Praise be to all who serve the emperor!"
Canthan Peasant: "I will be back tomorrow. Make sure the soup is hot this time!"
Imperial Chef Yileng: "I will return tomorrow with more soup. I swear it in[sic] name of the emperor!"

Reward Dialogue

"It is a noble gesture indeed to help protect those who cannot protect themselves. You will always be a friend of the Imperial Guard. I cannot thank you enough."


The route to the chef

Chef Yileng is found near the southwestern area of Bukdek Byway. Once you reach him 2 waves of Afflicted will approach over the bridge to the south. Once you kill both waves of enemies, return to Imperial Guardsman Kintae to complete the quest.

Tip: It is best to fight the Afflicted on the bridge (up the ramp from the chef), as he is very easily killed otherwise.


  • If Chef Yileng dies, then the quest will fail. If the first wave kills him, the second wave will still spawn and approach you.
  • If you have not yet completed the quest Missing Daughter, the second wave of Afflicted will sometimes aggro on the Jade Brotherhood.
Bug.png Bug! If the quest fails (chef dies), the Quest Log states to return to a city or outpost and restart the quest. However, the quest does not reset, and so you must abandon the quest, return to Kaineng Center and retake the quest from Imperial Guardsman Kintae.