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Zcoins.png This article has an associated Zaishen Challenge Quest.
Fendi Nin
Fendi Nin.jpg
Species: Undead
Profession: Necromancer Necromancer-icon.png
Level(s): 29 (32)


Fendi Nin is the former first-mate of the Queen of Fools. He made a "dark deal that causes us to fight eternally in a vicious circle" according to Crewmember Shandra. Killing him and avenging the crew of the Queen of Fools is the objective of the quest Lost Souls. This powerful Necromancer Boss-like foe is encountered at the end of the dungeon Shards of Orr. He has two forms: Fendi Nin and Soul of Fendi Nin. When Fendi Nin's health drops to zero, Soul of Fendi Nin will spawn, along with a half dozen Damned Crewmen. After about 45 seconds (about 30 seconds in Hard Mode), Soul of Fendi Nin will disappear and the Damned Crewmen will turn into Skeleton Archers, and Fendi Nin (corporeal) will respawn.


Skills used[]


  • His spectral form (the soul) does not regenerate health over time, and will disappear after around 45 seconds. Fendi Nin will then 'respawn,' and when you kill the corporeal form, it turns into the soul again, with the same amount of health it had before it 'respawned.'
  • Killing Fendi's Soul causes Fendi's Chest to spawn.
  • Killing Fendi causes all Undead summoned by him to be destroyed, but it pays to kill these first as they don't pose much of a threat and count towards your title track.
  • He has rank 16 on Curses, 20 in Hard mode
  • He can be pulled into the flame jet traps scattered around his lair for an extra 66 damage per second plus burning. When pulling enemies from Fendi's lair it is possible to go around both flame turrets, avoiding the blazing trap safely.
Bug.png Bug! Fendi's Soul doesn't always spawn after Fendi Nin's health is reduced to zero. Note that Fendi Nin (corporeal) will respawn when his soul would have returned to corporeal form.
Bug.png Bug! If Fendi Nin 'respawns' on the bridge, there is a chance that at least a few of the archers spawn under it, rendering them useless. Crewmembers may also spawn under the bridge.


  • This boss is likely to be named after Nin Fendi, from Spartas Greatest Heroes [WAR].