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Festival hat makers will take any festival hat (special event headgear) you have acquired on one of your characters and allow you to make a duplicate for any of your other characters on the same account.


  1. Speak to a festival hat maker while a hat is in your inventory.
  2. Select "I want to show you a new hat." (If you have more than one "old" hat repeat this step.)
  3. Go to your other character(s) and return to the festival hat maker (Bring Gold 10g min).
  4. Select the 2nd option, "Please make me a new hat." (Each hat costs 10g to make.)


Locations where festival hat makers can be found:

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Hats must be customized for the character you are playing as.

  • You must have the hat in your inventory in order to make duplicates for your other characters.
  • The hat must be customized to the character that is handing in the item. You cannot get someone else's hat and hand it over to the Festival Hat NPC.
  • Dragon Masks, Tengu Masks, Jester's Caps, and Lion Masks may be dyed after being crafted by a Festival hat maker. Other festival hats cannot be dyed.
  • The hat maker will not actually take your hat from your inventory but once the hat is on his list you can destroy it yourself and recreate it through him as needed.
  • This service was introduced by ArenaNet for the Wintersday 2006 event, as a means to reduce the amount of storage and inventory space occupied by festival hats.