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Festive Norn
Festive Norn.jpg
Species: Norn
Level(s): 0, 20


Several Festive Norn are found dancing and partying outside of the entrance to Frostmaw's Burrows with the following Norn: Kitta, Latham, Hroth, and Gareth.


"For the fallen!"


"And then he says, "That's not a duck!"
"What, you don't believe me?"
"I should have became a brew master."
"17...18...I just can't remember how many I killed last week..."
"And there I was, riding the back of a giant siege turtle with nothing but my helmet on."
"I can't feel my feet."
"I love the feeling of bear fur on my skin."
"Pass me some ale."
"I bet you a hundred gold I could wrestle a jotun for his lunch."
"I swear that's exactly what happened."
"It was ten men. No, twenty! Maybe twenty-five. By the time I was done they were knocked out cold!"
"Not to be rude, but your breath stinks like a dead muskrat."
"All this drinking and no action. Where's a bear when you need one?"
"I'm going to rip that Frostmaw a new dirt chute!"
"Oh, you should have seen the looks on their faces before I ran 'em through with my sword!"
"That Grimey sure was a riot. Now he's just rot."
"Do you find me attractive?"
"She had the beard of a billy-goat and the horns of a platypus. A real looker, for sure."
"I never told anyone this, but I think you and me have a special kind of connection. Do you feel it?"
"You *hic* look sho *hic* be-yoo-fee-ful in this *hic* moonlight. Gimme a smooch."
"If my mother could only see me now...."
"I love the weather this time of year."
"I hear frogs taste just like chicken...."
"My belly is full, but I can't stop eating!"