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Festive Winter Hood

Festive Winter Hood.png

Type Festival hat
Event Wintersday 2011

The Festive Winter Hood is a festival hat that was given out by the Avatar of Dwayna in Lion's Arch and Kamadan, Jewel of Istan during the finale of Wintersday 2011. Players in each district where more points were scored for Dwayna in the Wintersday Nine Rings game received this whether they participated in the game or not.

Festive Winter Hood gallery

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Festive Winter Hood gray front.jpg Festive Winter Hood gray back.jpg Festive Winter Hood gray side.jpg
Front Back Profile

Colorable areas

Dyed green

Festive Winter Hood dyed front.jpg Festive Winter Hood dyed back.jpg Festive Winter Hood dyed side.jpg
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Dye chart

The default color is a slightly brighter red than that given by red dye.

Festive Winter Hood Single Dyes Applied