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Fiery Dragon Sword
Fiery Dragon Sword.jpg
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s): Swordsmanship
Damage type(s): Fire damage
Common: Iron Ingots
Rare: Steel Ingots


The Fiery Dragon Sword (commonly abbreviated to FDS), like its cousin the Icy Dragon Sword, is a popular sword mainly prized for its style. It is quite an impressive sight with its flaming blade with only two twisted "filaments" as a solid core. Early on it can be admired in the hands of several NPCs, most notably Prince Rurik. Later, some monsters also carry it (e.g. Centaurs); members of the White Mantle and the Canthan Guards occasionally carry them as well.

All Fiery Dragon Swords carry a Fiery hilt upgrade that cannot be removed by any other upgrade. It must have this upgrade, so it is less popular to strategy-minded players, who prefer other popular skins for swords, like Fellblades, as targets for their weapon upgrades. This upgrade is not entirely useless however - the fact that its damage is elemental, rather than physical, makes it more effective against other Warriors as it bypasses their +20AL vs Physical armor upgrade, and makes the Fiery Dragon Sword susceptible to Conjure Flame.


Fiery Dragon Swords are a random drop and sometimes common from enemies in all high-level areas: from the Crystal Desert onwards in Prophecies, Kaineng City onwards in Factions, Kourna and Gate of Pain (mission) onwards in Nightfall, and the Realms of the Gods. Also, rarely, they can drop from the White Mantle in the Maguuma Jungle and Kessex Peak and from Mandragor in Grothmar Wardowns. They are more often found in hard mode too.


Applying dye to a Fiery Dragon Sword affects only the hilt. Dye does not change the color of the flame. For a sword with a different color flame, consider the Icy Dragon Sword, which has a blue flame, but does cold damage. Please note that dyeing the weapon no longer changes the color of the inventory icon due to attempted scams by players. It was possible to dye a Fiery Dragon Sword blue, which made it appear the same icon as the Icy Dragon Sword (which can sometimes be more valuable).

Fiery Dragon Sword colored.jpg

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