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Quest Summary:

  1. Find the Charr fires northeast of the Frontier Gate. Kill the Flame Keepers and extinguish the flames.
  2. Return to Captain Arne for your reward.

Obtained from:

Captain Arne in Ascalon City


Barradin's Advance
Fort Ranik (mission)


Chaos damage: 4-7 (req. 3 Domination Magic)
+4 Energy
+3 Energy (while health is above 80%)
+3 Energy (while health is above 60%)
+3 Energy (while health is above 40%)
Slashing damage: 10-14 (req. 3 Swordsmanship)
Armor penetration +10% (Chance: 10%)
Damage +15% (vs. hexed foes)


"Our troops at the Frontier Gate report a concentration of Charr near the Wall. They have spotted columns of smoke that suggest the Flame Keepers have set up an altar there. The Flame Keepers' altars serve as a source of power for the Charr and must be destroyed if we wish to hold the Wall. Since the King's Army refuses to venture north of the wall, I need a volunteer to lead a sortie northeast and destroy the Flame Keepers."


Leave from Frontier Gate, head north through the wall and keep to the right. There are many Grawl patrolling the area, but with careful timing you can avoid having to fight any of them. Through the small valley (and past a collector) you will find the first Charr. The fire is to the north. Try to lure off small groups, because fighting them all at once can be very tough for characters at the level they usually have when acquiring this quest.

An alternate way to take care of the Charr is to lure the Flame Keepers to the area with the Grawl. The Grawl will attack the Charr. Just sit back and let them duke it out.


  • The Inscribed Staff reward is highly prized by trappers (rangers who specialize in traps). With a +5 energy Staff Head upgrade, it provides a total of 18 energy when your health is above 80% -- the most of any weapon set in the Prophecies or Factions campaigns that doesn't provide reduced energy regeneration. It is now possible to obtain a 20 energy staff using inscriptions in Nightfall, or by trading with a Nightfall character, however the Fires in the East quest reward staff is a cheaper alternative to a 5 platinum crafted staff.