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A Fireworks Master provides fireworks services. None of these NPCs have a specific name.

All Fireworks Masters can be found within the exclusive areas of faction-controlled towns and outposts. As such, only members of the alliance that controls that particular town or outpost can access their services. For a fee, these NPCs will put on a fireworks display in the town or outpost (current district) and announce who paid for it to all present.

There are three levels of fireworks displays: 100 Gold Simple Display 1 Platinum Moderate Display 5 Platinum Extravagant Display

Dialouge[edit | edit source]

"I have been trained and certified in the use of fireworks by the celestial Ministry of Cantha. My talents are at your disposal. Shall I begin a fireworks show now? A simple display could be yours for the somewhat laughable price of 100 gold. A standard show requires true artistry, and such a show will cost you 1 platinum piece... which I am certain you will agree is a mere pittance once you see what it buys you. A fireworks extravaganza, perhaps the single most spectacular thing ever seen on the face of the Canthan continent, a dazzling wonder that the good citizens of our fair empire will be talking about for years to come, costs a mere 5 platinum pieces. Where else can you obtain virtually infinite fame at such a low price? Where, I ask you?:"

If a show is already in progress.

"I have been trained and certified in the use of fireworks by the Celestial Ministry of Cantha. I do not have the materials prepared for a fireworks show at this time. Please check with me again in a few moments and I will be happy to assist you with a show you ... and, perhaps, others, if you have enough gold... will never forget!:"