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  1. Meet up with Jerob No-Spine in the Sunward Marches [sic]
  2. Meet the Kournan soldiers.
  3. You've been tricked! Kill the Kournan soldiers before they kill you!
  4. See Lonai for your reward.

Obtained from

Margrid the Sly in Command Post


No Me, No Kormir -OR- Gain Margrid
Margrid must be in your party



"An old acquaintance of mine, Jerob No-Spine, has offered to arrange a meeting with a couple of his contacts, Kournan soldiers. This could be a good opportunity to feed the enemy some false information. Just say the word, and I'll let Jerob No-Spine in the Sunward Marches know the plan is a go. What's it to be?"
Accept: "Tell No-Spine I'm in."
Reject: "Sounds risky. I'm out."

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Jerob No-Spine)

"What took you so long? They're already waiting for you! Here's the deal. These guys think they're meeting with me to learn the location of the Sunspear hideout, so they'll be a bit surprised to see you. But you're not the first intermediary I've used... just give them the password and they'll be none the wiser. It's "shrubbery." Casually work it into the conversation and they'll know I sent you. The stupid thugs are so obsessed with winning promotions from Warmarshal Varesh they'll eat up any information you feed them. Me, I'm getting out of here before the fun starts. Good luck!"

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Kournan Captain: "Now remember, don't kill any more than you have to. The more prisoners Warmarshal Varesh gets, the better. Thanks to that spineless corsair, we're going to be generals after this!"
Margrid the Sly: "Jerob! That no good, cowardly, pathetic excuse for a corsair has double-crossed us! He's going to pay for this."

Reward Dialogue

"An ambush! I can't believe the gall of that dirty rotten... Oh, the things I'm going to do to him when I get my hands around that scrawny little neck! At least you're alive, eh?"


You Can Run...


Starting from the Sunspear Sanctuary, enter the Command Post and take the quest, then exit into Sunward Marches. Jerob is standing right outside the portal. Talk to him, and travel north-west to meet the group of Kournans waiting for you. In case you couldn't guess, Jerob has betrayed you and the Kournans are waiting in ambush. However, they pose little threat and are easily eliminated. Once defeated, return to the Sunspear Sanctuary to claim your reward.

The Kournan party generally seems to be comprised of:


  • If you want, you can skip the talk to Jerob and go straight to the Kournans.