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Fist of the Titans

Species: Titan
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 24, 28 (26,30)


Fist of the Titans are sword-wielding creatures capable of dealing massive damage. They rise from the ashes of a Risen Ashen Hulk but can also be found individually or in a group. Unlike Burning Titans and Risen Ashen Hulks, standing adjacent to these Fists will not cause burning.


Level 24 (26)

Level 28 (30)1

  1. Spawned from other slain Titans.

Skills used

Items dropped


  • Interrupt their Healing Signet to kill them faster. AoE interrupts work well as Hands and Fists of the Titans tend to bunch up.
  • Healing Signet significantly lowers their armor. Save high-damage spells until they use it.
  • Their rank in Swordsmanship is 14 in Normal Mode, as seen from the 24 damage Hundred Blades deals.
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