In GvG, if a team holds the tower for two consecutive minutes, they receive a Morale Boost. The significance of these morale boosts has made it common practice to have a character dedicated to bringing flags from the base to the flag stand.

There are three main components to a flag runner:

  • Speed boost - The runner must minimize the time it takes for the flag to get run to the stand, because efficient flag running means it will be more likely for the team to receive a morale boost.
  • Solo ability - The runner needs to be able to run flags without support from the rest of the team, and at times will need to go off and fight NPCs or the other flag runner to attempt to gain an advantage. This means it needs self heals and enough damage and interrupts to take a target down.
  • Team support - Much of the runner's time will be spent running back and forth, but during the few seconds it is at the center where the main battle usually takes place, getting off a few spells or shots can make all the difference.
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