Flames of the Bear Spirit

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Quest map from Sifhalla


  1. Travel to the sacred altar and light the spiritual flame to summon the bear spirit.
  2. Prevent the arctic nightmares from consuming the spiritual flame.
  3. See Egil Fireteller for your reward.

Obtained from

Egil Fireteller in Jaga Moraine


Curse of the Nornbear



"It is good to see that Jora can once again become the bear. Now, mayhaps, she may regain her status. There is but one obstacle, one mountain she must yet climb. Her clan homestead is overrun by Charr. No respecting Norn would allow the land to be violated by such beasts. If you help Jora reclaim her lands, only then will she be able to help you. You will all need the strength of Bear herself to defeat the Charr. We must first commune with the bear spirit and seek counsel. Let us journey to the sacred altar south of here. We will light the spiritual flame. Bear will come if our cause is true."
Accept: "I will be glad to aid Jora."
Reject: "Perhaps later."

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Egil Fireteller: "The bear spirit is the strength of the mountains. The Norn owe Bear more than just our prowess in battle...."
Egil Fireteller: "We owe our homes and our lives to Bear. You must show your strength of spirit by protecting the sacred flame."
Egil Fireteller: "Only once the bear spirit has deemed you worthy will she appear. Show your strength, small one, and prove your worth. I will aid you in this ritual."

Intermediate Dialogue 2

<party leader>: "By the True Gods! These nightmare creatures are attracted to the sacred flame!"
<party leader>: "Fend them off lest they consume the fire."

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Egil Fireteller: "There is the altar. Light the spiritual flame."
Egil Fireteller: "Well done. The sacred flame burns brightly. Let us kneel and us for Bear's blessing."

Reward Dialogue

"You know what must be done. Jora's lands must be purged of the Charr. Their kind does not respect the spirit of the land. We must journey up the mountains to the Shrine of the Bear Spirit. It is there that Bear shall grant you the power you need to repel the Charr. Once you are ready, let us journey into Bjora Marches."


Blood Washes Blood

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]