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Flesh Golem
Animate Flesh Golem creature model.jpg
Species: Minion
Profession: -icon.png
Level(s): 3...34


Flesh Golems are Minions created by Animate Flesh Golem.



  • Flesh Golems are melee fighters.
  • Flesh Golems deal Slashing damage.
  • Against a 60 AL foe, level 26 Flesh Golems do 58-135 damage, including critical hits. The critical hit rate and specific critical and non-critical damage ranges are currently unknown.

Armor and Health[]

  • Flesh Golems have roughly (Level*3.75 + 5) armor (only verified against Cold damage). The health calculation for Flesh Golems is unknown, however they are suspected to use the standard health calculation of level*20 + 80.
  • A level 26 Flesh Golem has roughly 103 armor (only verified against Cold damage), and is suspected to have 600 Health.

Attack speed[]

  • Flesh Golems attack roughly once every 3.17 seconds (30 attacks in 95 seconds).

Decomposition rate[]

  • Without healing or damage, a level 26 Flesh Golem's life expectancy is 1 minute 40 seconds.


  • They are known to sit and pause for a moment when the Minion Master stops and take a while to catch up to the rest of the group. Sometimes while idle, they will use their bladed arm to scratch their neck/head.


  • Flesh Golems share many common traits with the other types of animated undead and are subject to the same rules as all skills that rely on corpse exploitation.
  • Flesh Golems lose health at a rate that increases over time. See article Minion for more details.
  • Unlike other minions, Flesh Golems are considered fleshy and thus can be affected by all conditions and they leave an exploitable corpse.
  • If the master of a Flesh Golem successfully casts Animate Flesh Golem, the first golem will die.
  • Flesh Golems have a fairly high critical hit rate due to their high level.
  • Like all undead, Flesh Golems take double damage from Holy damage.
  • It is possible to animate a Flesh Golem up to level 34 with 21 Death Magic, a higher level than even end-game bosses in Hard Mode. The Flesh Golem is still much weaker than most high-level monsters, however, as it cannot use skills. (For information on how to get 21 Death Magic, see Attribute.)
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