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Forestermaster Vasha
Forestermaster Vasha.jpg

Species: Human
Level(s): 20


Vasha watches over Ferndale as its guardian and protector.

Quests Given



"Last night, an owl flew but inches past my face. It must have been a sign of your coming, (character name)! Well, welcome to Ferndale. I am Forestmaster Vasha, mistress of the trees of Ferndale. From the smallest speck of dirt to the mightiest petrified tree, all things in this area are under my charge. It is my duty to ensure that any Luxons who venture into our lands never live to speak of the beauty they have seen here. Our forests are sacred to the ancient families of the Kurzick nation, and no Luxon shall ever defile them with their taint under my watch."


  • The prefix of her name is quite obviously a typo ("Forestermaster" instead of the more appropriate "Forestmaster"); her dialogue spelled it correctly.
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