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Forgotten Gate Keeper
Forgotten Gatekeeper.jpg
Species: Forgotten
Profession: NA-icon-small.png
Level(s): 20


The Forgotten Gate Keeper provides the briefing for the the Dragon's Lair mission.



"Do not fear me, human. I will bring you no harm here on the threshold of the Dragon's Lair.
What is it you desire of me?"

Tell me what I'm doing here.

"The great dragon Glint eagerly awaits your presence. She has been expecting you."

She has?

"Yes, Yes. She is an oracle. A powerful master of many things she is. She has seen many things, knows of your arrival here, knows that only those who overcome great adversity can accomplish great things. Only the Ascendants through her defenses can speak with her face-to-face."

Why would she trust someone who has breached her defenses?

"No, no. The great dragon has little to fear from intruders. Little indeed. Her defenses are not to protect her. They are to test those who wish to gain her audience. The task she has foreseen is not one for the weak. Oh no. She wants to be sure, sure that only those who are strong enough to complete this task reach her."

Where is her lair?

"It is very hard to find. Very hard. Glint keeps herself tucked away inside a pocket dimension, inside a single grain of crystalline sand. You could search the desert for a million lifetimes and then a million more and still never find her.
The only way into the grain of sand is through this portal. Step through to the other side, and you will begin the last leg of your journey."

What must I do?

"Simply find your way to the great dragon. Survive the tests inside, and you will prove yourself worthy of meeting with Glint."

I will find her, and speak with her.

"See that you do."