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Forgotten Seal
Forgotten Seal.png
Subtype None
Rarity Common
Value 25 Gold.png
Stackable Yes
Campaign Prophecies
Profitable No
Common salvage Wood Plank: 4-5
Rare salvage None
Nicholas the Traveler
Week of 15 Oct 2018
Location Vulture Drifts
Quantity 2
Nicholas the Traveler location Vulture Drifts.jpg

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What drops it


Armor collectors

Ekimeel Trueshot

Location: The Amnoon Oasis
Collecting: 5 Forgotten Seals

Profession Item Name Armor Other Modifiers Value
Warrior Krytan Helm 80 Hammer Mastery +1
Armor +20 (vs. physical attacks)
125 Gold.png
Ranger Archer's Mask 70 Marksmanship +1
Armor +30 (vs. elemental attacks)
125 Gold.png
Monk Servant's Scalp Design 60 Healing Prayers +1 125 Gold.png
Necromancer Ragged Scar Pattern 60 Curses +1 125 Gold.png
Mesmer Sleek Mask 60 Fast Casting +1 125 Gold.png
Elementalist Stone's Eye 60 Earth Magic +1 125 Gold.png

Festival collectors

  • You could exchange these for various party, alcohol, and sugar items during the Farewell to Gaile event in 2008.



Vulture Drifts
Outside the Dunes of Despair outpost. Arguably the easiest and fastest location.
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